Andrew Wyatt

VP / Preconstruction

  • Specializes in Preconstruction
  • Joined Boys in 2011
  • Has been in the industry since 2000
  • Started at Boys Electrical as an Estimator
  • Andrew has a Master Electrician License and a Florida Electrical Contractor (EC) License. He is the Electrical License Holder for Boys Electrical.
  • He has received an Eagle Award for a Health Education building and has contributed to many projects that have also received awards.

Andrew is a PreCon expert, a great leader, and has built a very knowledgeable and exceptional team. Andrew is regularly working with General Contractors to develop solutions so that the projects will meet budget requirements. Andrew is routinely relied upon by many in the industry for his expertise. He often helps incredibly early in the process to develop a preliminary budget and provide insight on projects, even before the projects are open to bid.

Andrew understands how best to work with his customers, and will match his approach to be most beneficial for his customers. Andrew enjoys understanding the whole project and developing a clear picture of what will be required to ensure success. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.