Justin Notni

Visual Design and Construction

  • Specializes in Trimble, Electrical Prefab, and Electrical Engraving
  • Joined Boys Electrical in 2021
  • Has been in the industry since 2002
  • Started in the industry as an Electrician Apprentice

Justin brings massive time savings to Boys Electrical. He is the Trimble expert and runs the Electrical Prefab Department at Boys Electrical, saving massive amounts of time in preconstruction and large projects. Justin is involved throughout the entire project, starting with the underground work and doing quality control checks as the project progresses.

Justin is enthusiastic and often found with a smile on his face. He enjoys working on computers and finding creative solutions for each project. His workday is always interesting. In his free time, Justin enjoys the outdoors (but not the beach), pickleball, and spending time with family.