Keith Tidwell

VP / Construction

  • Specializes in Electrical Construction Development
  • Joined Boys Electrical in 2012
  • Has been in the industry since 1998
  • Started at Boys Electrical as a Project Manager / Estimator
  • Keith has Purdue Project Management training
  • Keith has received 6 ABC Eagle Awards, the most recent was for the Melbourne Air Traffic Control Tower

Keith is a born leader and thrives on solving challenges. He is a huge resource for the industry, regularly providing General Contractors with advice and insight on projects. Keith pushes himself and his team to be the best they can be, helping them expand their skills, grow their confidence, and perform better. In turn, his team works hard for him because Keith stands behind them and supports his team completely.

Keith is unstoppable and enjoys the demanding day-to-day challenge of helping his team complete quality work. He strives to always provide solutions so projects will continue to move forward. Keith spends his mornings in the gym, enjoys boating, and loves being outside as much as possible.