Kyle Nylander

President / CFO

Specializes in Leadership and Finance
Joined Boys Electrical in 2018
Started at Boys Electrical as the Chief Financial Officer
Kyle has an Accounting License, Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting and Marketing, a Master’s Degree in Accounting, and is a licensed CPA.

Kyle has a massive amount of pride in his people and their work. He is working to create a culture of curiosity at Boys Electrical, curiosity about delivering inventive and highly effective solutions. Kyle brings an industry-unique approach because of his financial background. The organization runs more smoothly and is more relationship-focused because of Kyle’s dedication, his analytical approach, and the experience he brings to the table. Kyle brings best practices from his time running a small business and working in a large corporate Fortune 15 company.

Kyle is passionate about his team; he enjoys working with them, learning more about them and wants every team member to feel valued and appreciated. When Kyle isn’t working, learning about people’s stories, or showing off the work his team has completed, he enjoys spending time with his growing and extended family.